About Betty

11018721_626840027416408_6772075220548858858_oHelping in a way that enriches each individual way of being healthy and happy, while advancing overall well-being.

Betty M. Robards, MS, LPA is licensed by the Alaska Board of Psychologists and Psychological Associate Examiners and practices in Anchorage. Her licensure requires a master’s degree, passage of the Exam for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP) and the Alaska State written Ethics Exam and allows for engagement in private practice. Betty is an Associate Member of the American Psychological Association, Alaska Psychological Association, Association for Play Therapy, and a life member of National Association for the Education of Young Children.
Betty graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology and Master of Science Degree in Clinical Psychology from University of Alaska, Anchorage and has been trained in a variety of evidence based therapeutic techniques and theories.

Betty enjoys helping individuals of all ages. She has many years of experience as a leader and mentor at many levels. She has extensive experience working directly with many diverse children and families with a variety of needs and abilities. She believes in, not just tolerance, but embracing individuals of all developmental levels, beliefs, backgrounds and orientations. It is her goal to help you in a way that enriches your individual way of being healthy, happy and advancing your well-being.

Betty grew up in Juneau, Alaska and graduated from Juneau Douglas High School. In the early 80s, she attended Spokane Community College and Lower Columbia College studying Early Childhood Education and Home and Family Life. For 25 years she directed early childhood care and educational centers both here in Anchorage (Anchor Lutheran School) and for Toutle Lake School District in Washington State.

Betty has traveled to many remote communities throughout Alaska and the Pacific Northwest as a trainer and consultant.

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