For children

Betty specializes in services for young children and has been working with children in educational and therapeutic treatment programs for more than two decades. She utilizes a variety of methods and therapies. Non-Directive Play Therapy is her treatment of choice for children under the age of ten. Betty has trained in Filial Therapy (a psycho-educational family intervention in which parents serve as the primary change agents for their own children) and this method is used to enhance parent/child relationships in some cases. Betty also uses additional Play Therapy techniques when working with children within group settings. Behavioral based interventions are also incorporated into treatment when needed.

Betty has worked with children who are struggling with a variety of childhood disorders, oppositional behaviors, anxiety, depression, suffered trauma, have been victims of abuse, witnessed domestic violence, suffered grief and loss, those simply struggling with family concerns, or children with complex developmental disorders.

Betty believes no issue is too big or small when it comes to helping children find a healthier way of being, and she is happy to provide services that are focused on preventative interventions or just issues related to everyday living. She encourages families to address problems in early stages. Contact her today (223-2179) for a brief consultation and screening.

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