For teens & pre-teens

Betty’s Services for adolescent and pre-adolescent age children include methods that are specifically designed and evidence based to meet the unique needs of this population. Self-identity, healthy lifestyles and individual development are all closely considered. Services and treatment plan involve parents and guardians.

Older teens may need a safe place to discuss issues and concerns that they are not comfortable discussing with parents and caregivers. Betty will work to assist adolescent-age clients build solid therapeutic relationships. Under some circumstances full disclosures will need to be made to parents, families and outside agencies. You will find out more about these
situations when you meet with Betty.

Therapy can be used as a prevention approach as well as an effective intervention for a wide range of issues in a variety of settings. Betty has worked with a variety of difficult teens with complex needs and diagnoses in a variety if treatment settings.

Psycho-education and group therapy for teens and pre-teens will be offered periodically and will cover a variety of topics. Contact her today for more information on current groups.